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Our Sex Lives According to Trojan

What is it about the southern half of the United States that makes their citizens more sexually satisfied than anywhere else in the country? According to Trojan’s 2009 Pleasure Survey, Houston, Atlanta and Washington D.C. are having the most sex, while cities up north like Chicago and San Francisco are having the least amount of sex. Could it be people feel sexier in warmer weather? What’s even more interesting is that many of those cities that have the most sex also have the most satisfying sex, with Atlanta coming in as the most sexually satisfied city and New York following up as a close second. On the contrary, Boston and San Francisco had the lowest frequency of sexual satisfaction with ratings of 63 and 60%, respectively.

What do these results tell us? Should the 2/3 of the American populace that is desiring of more sex simply move to Houston or Atlanta? Well, maybe not, but the survey claimed that 76% of Americans are continuously striving to find ways to make their sex more exciting and pleasurable. The survey also explained that 59% of us believe that pleasure aids such as vibrators and dildos can spice up sex.

Besides moving south where the weather and the sex, at least according to this survey, is hotter, what can we do to bring some of that lovin’ to us? The answer’s rather simple. 84% of us agree that sex is essential to a healthy lifestyle, but it’s obviously not fun if it’s boring. Try something new. Buy a new sex toy and experiment with some Good Clean Love… It can only get hotter from there.