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Positivity Again: The Power of Prayer


I pray continuously and feel the spirit of God in me.

There is probably not a single more important intention that I begin my days with than this one.  It is in fact, the one that makes all the others possible.   When my son was looking through my affirmation book and came across this one, he commented, “pretty religious”  but in truth, it isn’t a religion thing.  Prayer is actually a way of opening and asking. It is like a to-do list on heart steroids.

You begin with even a grain of faith that something bigger than yourself exists and is holding you. And you trust, slowly more and more into that space, so you can catch a breath.  Life isn’t all on you to figure out and make it happen.  Something in the universe can help make things happen. You don’t have to do everything.

I don’t always feel the spirit in me. But the more I practice giving it up and praying the more that I know, even when I can’t feel, that I am always connected and a part of something larger than myself and my own designs. When you think of it in these terms, even gratitude is a prayer. A recognition and asking for goodness that starts to feel like one in the same.

It seems like as soon as I get really comfortable in this space, I always lose sight of it. And then I have to begin again. Maybe that is the way of things. But I know that each and every time I come back to prayer as a way of living in my days, it gets easier and I bounce back to a place where my breath can move through me more easily.

Prayer opens our hearts to our selves.