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Post-Sex Cleansing: What You Need to Know

For many women, the thought of cleansing and “freshening up” often occurs before sex. But, it is important to practice strong hygiene after intimacy as well.

Always pee after having sex

This will really be helpful for women who struggle with urinary tract infections (UTIs). But, even if you are not prone to UTIs, it’s a good idea to pee after you have sex – even if you don’t necessarily feel like you have to.

“When you have intercourse, bacteria from the rectum – which is in very close proximity to the urethra and the vagina – can get close to the urethra and can cause an infection, especially in women who are prone to UTIs," says Alyssa Dweck, M.D., in a recent Women’s Health article. She explains that “the urine washes out the bacteria that are mechanically present at the end of the urethra."

Balance your pH

Did you know that your vaginal pH changes during sex? Interesting, right?

To prepare for the possible influx of semen, your vagina temporarily rises its pH during sexual intercourse. This makes the normally acidic environment more alkaline to protect the sperm on their way to the egg.

So, it’s important to balance your pH back to a healthy range after sex.

If you’re not feeling like taking a shower right after, a pH-balanced wipe like Rebalance™ Personal Moisturizing and Cleansing Wipes can be very helpful! They are formulated to closely replicate the healthiest vaginal conditions to support your natural vaginal ecosystem, so they’re the perfect post-play wipe. They’re also ideal if you’re just feeling “less-than-fresh,” or want to clean up lubricant, saliva, etc.

If you like to hop in the shower after sex, you can reach for a pH-balanced wash like Balance Moisturizing Personal Wash which has been formulated to accurately match vaginal pH – without putting artificial fragrances, petroleum, and parabens on your body like other feminine hygiene washes.