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Praise and Wonder

“Wonder is involuntary praise.” – Edward Young

The Natural Product Expo has been my stomping grounds for eight years and my love business is blossoming in so many ways that I have been dreaming of that it feels like wonder. In addition to having large distributors opening up to include us in their business, so many people that I have known over the years have benefited from my weekly musings.

The weekly newsletter goes out to thousands of people and gets sent off to others that I have never known. My words are my vehicle for knowing myself and finding ways to love and be positive every day. I spend a lot of time in my days thinking about how to communicate the links that make emotions intelligent and build the bridges to make relationships thrive.

Separating the many colored threads that make the weave between our heart and our sexuality is a mystery we are all grappling with and sometimes I hit the mark. All the people that share in my sorting process become friends. They share the ideas that matter to them with their friends.  In this small magical web of connection,  the messages to build love are multiplying.

I am more grateful than I can articulate to be a weaver in that process. Devoting my life energy to learning about love and spreading the message is a gift and I have finally gotten how the success of it is right here, right now. Growing friendships from this work is the most sincere appreciation we can get in life. It is far beyond flattery, which is just words. Real praise for our contributions shines through in heart connections and makes you thrive.