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Q&A: How Much Sex is Enough Sex?


How many times per week does a couple have sex if they have a healthy sex life? I have been with my boyfriend for almost 6 years, and we have sex at least 3 times a week. He does not fel like that is enough… sometimes it is more than 3 times. I am not as sexually driven as he is. I am a woman, 41. I feel like what sex drive I do have, he is diminishing when he expects me to want to have sex every day. I am probably never going to want to have sex everyday, and this is really taking an emotional toll on me.


Frequency is one of many issues that couples face in sustaining their intimate life. For some couples who asks and who doesn’t is even more important. Libido and sex drive is different as we age and depending on gender. There are some who argue that a waiting period between sexual encounters is a really good thing. This has been true for myself and many couples that I know of. Three times per week is a healthy average. Having sex everyday carries other dangers like boredom and inattentiveness. It seems like a conversation about emotional and physical needs could go a long way in your relationship.