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Stripper Empowerment with Bad Girl Liz

Ever wonder about the other side of the adult entertainment industry? What motivates women to strip for money?  Are they used by the system or using it to create the life of their dreams. Listen to Bad Girl Liz,  a provocative voice who is shifting the paradigm for dozens of female strippers and helping them to use their adult entertainment earnings to create a future of their choosing. A former stripper, and one of the few adult entertainment female business owners, Liz has turned her expertise into the first coaching and mentoring program for female strippers.

Bad Girl Liz is an entrepreneur and a life and business coach for female strippers. Trained as a yogini, shaman, and a Reiki healer she offers a special blend of spirituality and business savvy to help young women use the adult entertainment industry instead of being used by it.    

As an empowerment coach, she is dedicated to help those women avoid the traps of  the adult industry and achieve their dreams and fabulous education goals using stripping to get there. In response to the many stories she has seen through her own career she has set her mission to shed a positive light on this industry and raise the bar of what the adult entertainment industry can offer its star talent.   

She is an expert  and has helped many women in developing and creating Marketing Ideas, Entrepreneurial Concepts, Investment Opportunities, Educational Pursuits, Building Resumes, Creating More Wealth, Finding Your Job Transfer Skills, Finding Your Purpose and helping ease fears, depression or anxiety.