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Switched for Networking with Jerry Teplitz & Donna Fisher

Discover your most successful self with the authors of Switched on Networking. Tapping into our subconscious and reprogramming your brain is easier than you may have ever imagined. Jerry Tepler offers proven brain gym exercises combined with Donna Fisher’s winning networking strategies to realize your potential in both work and personal relationship building. Don’t miss these simple to learn techniques which literally “switch on” and optimize communication between all areas of your brain and then, step-by-step, re-wire your subconscious programming. so you can fully engage and successfully achieve success in all aspects of networking. Don’t miss this engaging conversation with the industry leaders on developing your best self.

For over 18 years Donna Fisher has been teaching people the art and skill of communicating and connecting. Her books, Power Networking, People Power, and Professional Networking for Dummies have been translated into 5 languages, recommended by Time Magazine and used as textbooks in universities. Her newest book, Switched-On-Networking, is co-authored with Dr. Jerry Teplitz and includes information on how to use brain optimization processes to balance your brain for networking ease and effectiveness.Donna shows professionals how to communicate and connect to create powerful teams, marketplace visibility and new opportunities. She is a Certified Instructor for the Language of Mastery program based on the book “Conscious Language”.


Dr. Jerry Teplitz, also a best-selling author, is known as “an expert in Brain Performance Optimization”. Jerry has spent more than three decades teaching revolutionary techniques that quite literally switch-on the mind to achieve full potential through optimum brain performance by using movement exercises called Brain Gym®. As a professional speaker, he has spoken to over one million people and has been honored by his peers in the National Speakers Association by receiving the “Certified Speaking Professional” designation. Jerry was recently awarded Best-in-Business by the Small Business Commerce Assoc., which honors only the Top 5% in the country. He is the author of six books, including Switched-On Living, Brain Gym for Business, and his two latest books are Managing Your Stress in Difficult Times and, of course, Switched-On Selling: Balance your Brain for Sales Success.