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The Opening Door – Show 020: Wendy Maltz, LCSW, DST

Tapping into the power of sexual fantasies is a doorway to our deepest selves, where profound healing can be met with ecstatic play. Don’t miss this riveting conversation with Wendy Maltz, author and well know sexual healing therapist on how to understand your fantasies and listen for your deepest longings. She shows how this process of listening and honoring your own true erotic nature can serve as a guide to a pathway of healing and wholeness. This is a conversation that will offer your insight into one of the most mysteriously healing aspects of being a sexual human being and invite you to
find new levels of pleasure.

Wendy7_11HomepagePhotosizedWendy Maltz LCSW, DST is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and sex therapist. Her books include The Porn Trap, The Sexual Healing Journey, Private Thoughts, and Incest & Sexuality. Wendy’s highly acclaimed videos are Relearning Touch and Partners in Healing. Wendy and Larry Maltz LCSW, an esteemed therapist with more than 25 years of experience, provide counseling services at Maltz Counseling Associates in Eugene, Oregon.