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The Opening Door – Show 29: Cathryn Couch – The Ceres Community Project

The Ceres Project based in Sonoma California is guided by the principles that everything matters, the universe has a purpose, youth are the future and our acts are heart centered and love guided. The inspirational founder and director of the program, Cathryn Couch works to create community by providing nutritional meals for seriously ill members of the community, training teens to grow and cook organic healthy food and educating the larger community on the deep connections between nourishing ourselves, creating strong social networks and restoring mental and physical well being.Don’t miss this deeply inspiring conversation with this award winning social entrepreneur who is changing her community and providing a model of healing community in our country.

S_CathySmile_5756Cathryn Couch, M.B.A., is a professional chef and activist. Her life work centers around helping people connect with local, seasonal and whole foods, discover the joy of cooking for themselves, and find meaningful ways to engage in their communities. She has worked in the corporate and not-for-profit worlds, including four years as Director of Communications for The Hunger Project-U.S., an educational organization focused on changing our understanding of the causes of and solutions to hunger in the world. Cathryn has been supporting The Ceres Community Project’s flowering since its inception in the summer of 2006.