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The Opening Door- Show 56: Karla McLaren, The Art of Empathy

Relationship success is dependent on our capacity for empathy which is not only how we literally learn to feel our loved one’s experience but even more deeply know ourselves.  Even though  our empathetic response is hardwired into us, and arguably one of our most basic survival mechanisms, for many of us,  our empathetic abilities remain undeveloped.  Don’t miss Karla McLaren’s life changing insights and easy to learn exercises in how you can become a happier and more feeling person.   Her work in the Art of Empathy is not to be missed.

mclarenKarla McLaren, author of Language of Emotions (June 2010) and the forthcoming book, The Art of Empathy: A Complete Guide to Life’s Most Essential Skill (on sale October 2013). Empathy is the new compassion!  Informed by current insights from neuroscience, social psychology, and healing traditions, Karla  teaches readers how to identify and regulate emotions and boundaries; how to provide support in a sensitive, perceptive, and healthy way; insights for navigating our evolving social landscape; and ways to expand our empathy to our community and global levels of society and the natural world.