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The Ultimate Orgasm with Mikaya Heart

The Ultimate Orgasm with Mikaya Heart

Rethink what orgasm means for you in this provocative conversation with author of The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women, Mikaya Heart. Explore female sexuality from a perspective that normalizes the diversity of women’s experiences  — including the wide range of physical experience, emotional release and spiritual recognition that comes through orgasm.  Discover new ways to find your capacity for pleasure and ways to communicate it to your lover. Understand your connection to the erotic and witness how that enhances your connection to life.

Mikaya Heart is an author, speaker, life coach and explorer. She grew up in Scotland and immigrated to Northern California in the 1970s. The author of seven books, Mikaya’s most recent book, My Sweet Wild Dance, received a Golden Crown Literary Award, bestowed by The Golden Crown Literary Society, a literary and educational organization for the enjoyment, discussion and enhancement of lesbian literature.

Trained as an agricultural mechanic, Heart has run an organic market garden, raised free-range pigs and built her own house out of recycled lumber in the backwoods. She’s done a great deal of personal growth and healing work with illustrious teachers including Brooke Medicine Eagle and Angeles Arrien. Heart is a spiritual teacher, offering workshops based on the art of being human, and a qualified kitesurfing instructor, her greatest passion.