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This Week’s Recommended Reads, Vol. 4

We get it. The work week is a busy time, full of meetings, reports to write, kids to pick up and dinners to make. Sometimes casual reading doesn’t exactly make it to the to-do list. So, in case you missed what’s going on around the world (online that is) check out our newest feature, Weekly Recommended Reads. Featuring the finest articles on love, sex, relationships and related topics, as well as what you missed on the blog, cozy up this weekend, because do we have some reads for you!

In The News:

From the sexual orientation of millennials to the things we wished we’d learned about sex when we were young, you’re bound to find something to strike your fancy!

  1. Cosmopolitan: Just last week, YouGov surveyed 1000 Americans about their sexuality and other things of that nature. Apparently, they found many young Americans don’t feel like their sexuality falls firmly anywhere and merely sits somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.
  2. Women’s Health: So what if you don’t have a partner? Women’s Health reviews the best waterproof vibrators to take into the shower with you.
  3. Signals CV: Are you pessimistic about marriage? Turns out if you change your mindset about it, you might change your marriage’s outcome, says author Wendy Jenson.
  4. Buzzfeed:Your gynecologist isn’t as scary as you think and actually really wants to help you. Talk to them!
  5. Let’s face it, sex ed in this country is somewhat of a joke. took it upon themselves to contact the users of Tumblr to ask them what they wished they’d learned about sex years ago. You’re not alone if you don’t have all the answers!
  6. Business Insider: The secret to a happy marriage? Laughter. Next time you’re not sure how to make your marriage better, try laughing with your partner. It really is the best medicine.
  7. Doggie style isn’t JUST for the dogs anymore. Not only that, but women who engage in back door play actually have MORE orgasms. Sign us up!
  8. Cosmopolitan: Shockingly, Russia actually has an LGBT film festival. Not shockingly, they cancelled it.
  9. Shape:Thanks to SKYN Condom’s 5000 person Millennial survey, we now know that 93% of Millennials have at least one orgasm during sex and more.
  10. Elephant Journal:Dang, the world is crazy these days. Elephant Journal offers us some foolproof ways to stay present and grounded amidst it all.

On The Blog:

Get ready for a new theme! This month, Wendy tackles the important issues we’re all talking about (like climate change, poverty and income inequality) by talking about how our relationships affect them. This week, check out:

  1. If Food Were Our Fuel and Relationships Fulfilled:What if we just ate enough til we felt satisfied? How would that change our relationships?

Missed the week before, check out the final week of belonging,here!

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