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This Week’s Recommended Reads, Vol. 6

We get it. The work week is a busy time, full of meetings, reports to write, kids to pick up and dinners to make. Sometimes casual reading doesn’t exactly make it to the to-do list. So, in case you missed what’s going on around the world (online that is) check out our newest feature, Weekly Recommended Reads. Featuring the finest articles on love, sex, relationships and related topics, as well as what you missed on the blog, cozy up this weekend, because do we have some reads for you!

In The News:

If you didn’t see anything interesting happening this week, maybe you weren’t looking hard enough! From the amazingness of the female orgasm to the scientific debate about how long sex should last, here’s your week in news!

  1. Marie Claire: Ever wonder why your man STILL doesn’t seem to understand you? Marie Claire’s resident man expert spits truth about the things men don’t get (but are also jealous of) about your orgasm.
  2. Huffington Post: Self love is where it’s at and it’s how you’ll get everything you want.
  3. Huff Post Weddings: You think you know about sex before you get married? Think again. Here’s what they don’t tell you.
  4. Planned Parenthood: So yeah, consent is sexy and it’s necessary, says this video. Here’s how you do it.
  5. Mic: It’s true. Men really do like giving oral pleasure as much (or more than) they like receiving it. Here are some of their reasons.
  6. NY Magazine:How long should sex last? Science gives it to us straight.
  7. Cosmopolitan UK: Think you’re having good sex? All these things should be true.

On The Blog:

This month, Wendy tackles the important issues we’re all talking about (like climate change, poverty and income inequality) by talking about how our relationships affect them. This week, she talks about the importance of helping the refugees coming from Syria. Read it here.

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