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Three Peaceful Places to Practice Meditation

Meditation can be a unique experience for each of us and we may meditate for different reasons. But, it is usually to accomplish the same results: relaxation, clarity, peacefulness, mindfulness, and to feel grounded and in tune with ourselves.

Evidence of meditation dates back to as early as 5,000 to 3,500 BC based on wall art found from that time of people sitting in meditation postures. So, as you can see, this form of self-love has been around for a long time.

If you are feeling stressed or anxious, then try to dedicate some moments in your week to meditate. Maybe you don’t have a flexible schedule to fit around a yoga class— don’t worry! Meditation can be practiced anywhere.

Here are three peaceful places to practice meditation anytime!

Mountain Tops

Do you like to hike to the top of your local butte, hilltop, or scenic overlook? Do you find it relaxing to gaze out over your city and breathe the fresh air circulating around you?

Try bringing a blanket or a mat that you can get comfortable on once you reach the top. Close your eyes and see if you can use all of your senses that tend to not be consciously used when your eyes are open. Feel the gust of wind tickle your eyelashes and listen to the city noise below.

Truly feel yourself grounded to that mountain top—something that has been holding itself up for years is now supporting you and guiding you through this practice.


There are many reasons why gardens are a great place to practice your Zen. With the summer months approaching, flowers such as roses and marigolds are in full bloom and can bring their sweet aroma to your meditation experience. In this location, it is not always necessary to bring a mat as the softness of the grass becomes a natural cushion.

What better way to feel rooted to the earth than to physically feel it beneath you?

In this space, it’s nice to close your eyes and listen to the birds conversing from the tree limb above or to acknowledge the buzz from the bees pollinating the flowers around you.

Near Rivers or Streams

Don’t hold onto any thought for more than a few seconds—make that your goal in this location. Think of the river or stream as your thoughts. Acknowledge them but let go of them and allow them to keep flowing.

Tune into the smell of the moisture in the air or enjoy the feeling of the wind picking up the water and spraying mist on your face. This location is prime for feeling in tune with the earth as well as yourself.

You can learn a lot by surrounding yourself in nature and allowing yourself to just “be” and experience all of the peacefulness this world has to offer especially in time of chaos.