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Why You Should Join The Pill Club ASAP

Birth control and lubricant delivered straight to your door? The future really is female! At least, that’s what we’re beginning to think after collaborating with the incredibly innovative staff at The Pill Club.

Take it from us, this is definitely the type of club you want to be in: free delivery, free goodies, reliable service, great ethos, and – this month – Good Clean Love samples! Birth control delivery services can be complicated, but The Pill Club makes it easier than ever before for women to access contraceptives. How? Read on to find out. 

Q: Why was The Pill Club founded? Who was the founder?

A: Prior to The Pill Club, our CEO and Founder Nick Chang worked in family planning clinics throughout the Bay Area and saw firsthand the consequences of limited access to reproductive healthcare and the social barriers patients experienced. He was also shocked at how antiquated the system was - both the medical and pharmacy sides of healthcare were problematic, disjointed, and difficult to navigate.

Nick’s experience working in clinics inspired him to found The Pill Club in 2016. His mission (and passion) is to help women take control of their own healthcare, by empowering them with access to birth control and education in communities around the country. By having its own retail pharmacy and using technology, The Pill Club brings personalized reproductive care to members and provides a seamless experience to obtain birth control, including helping navigate the complicated world of insurance, prescribing medication and delivering for free.

Q: Currently, how big is The Pill Club? How has it grown since its beginning?

A: We officially launched in May 2016 and since then, we have expanded our delivery services to all 50 states plus Washington D.C. and now, we can prescribe in 37 states plus Washington D.C.! Our pharmacy and medical team is constantly looking for ways to grow. Since we first partnered, we've added other barrier contraceptive methods and featured countless of unique items.

Q: What makes The Pill Club different from other birth control delivery services?

A: The Pill Club is the only company of its kind to have a retail pharmacy, owning the entire customer experience. This enables quicker distribution and wider coverage around the country.

Our mission is to become the ultimate one-stop-shop for all things birth control and sexual health related. We want to enhance the lifestyle of all our members and create a better birth control experience! We plan on doing this by introducing quality products through our specially curated signature care packages and by educating our members on their birth control regimen.

Q: The Pill Club includes goodies with their shipments of birth control. How do you select complimentary gifts and what are some examples of past gives you've sent?

A: Yes! We want our patients to be excited about receiving their birth control! We select samples that we feel can improve or complement our Club members’ health or lifestyle. With numerous resources out in the world, we want to be able to expose our patients to a variety of options, so that they can make informed decisions about their bodies, their health, and their life.

For example, in the past, we have been able to include creams from Dermalogica and skin boosters from SOKOGLAM. Currently, we are providing sample organic tampons from Kali Boxes and natural lube from Good Clean Love! Any suggestions for future samples?

Q: Your website says that your services are communicated via text message. Does The Pill Club have an app?

A: We currently do not have an app. We want to enhance our members' experience by providing personalized care through SMS text and phone. Our goal is still to break down the barriers that bar women from openly speaking about their needs and we plan on doing that by keeping an open conversation around sexual and reproductive health.

Q: It's free to sign up with The Pill Club; participants aren't charged for shipping costs; and most birth control is covered by insurance. How is this service financially possible?

A: The Pill Club accepts all major prescription insurance plans, including Medi-CAL and Family PACT. The Pill Club also accepts select Medicaid plans in certain states.

For those without insurance, The Pill Club starts at $7 per pack, $20 for 3 packs and $3.99 per pack for a year’s supply.

Birth control isn’t the only thing you can get delivered these days! Check out our last article on subscription boxes and how they’re revolutionizing the way we purchase sexual health and well-being products. You can sign up for your very own subscription box from Good Clean Love here.