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Recommended by gynecologists nationwide, our patented Bio-Match® Vaginal Care products help women of all ages relieve dryness and discomfort, maintain healthy pH balance and naturally eliminate odors. These products are made with organic ingredients and are free from parabens, petrochemicals and artificial fragrances.











Our Story

Intimacy products are designed to enhance pleasure, not to create side effects such as itching and burning. This is why we created Good Clean Love and why we're so particular about our ingredients.

We use organic wherever possible, and always use natural ingredients. You can rest assured that Good Clean Love organic products never contain petrochemicals. We even put love and care into our packaging. Good Clean Love is the only organic feminine care and intimacy product company using green plastics made of recyclable sugar cane.


FAQs: Why Choose Natural Vaginal Care Products?

What are vaginal care products?

You probably already use personal care products to keep your skin and hair healthy. Vaginal care products do the same thing for one of the most delicate areas of a woman’s body, and can be used together with feminine hygiene products as part of a regular self-care routine. There are a wide variety of vaginal care products on the market, including feminine odor products, feminine moisturizers, vaginal pH products, and a wide variety of other products for women’s vaginal health.

Many conventional vaginal health products are designed to treat symptoms of imbalances such as odor, discharge, or dryness. However, when the vagina is healthy, it is naturally self-cleaning and resistant to infections that cause those symptoms. We believe the best way to stay comfortable and odor free is to support natural vaginal health and let your body work the way it was meant to, without extra hormones or irritating chemicals.

There are a few key factors to keep in mind as you look for the best vaginal care products. First, you may need to support your vaginal pH. The vagina is naturally somewhat acidic, which helps protect it against bacteria and yeast that can cause infections. Unfortunately, your vaginal pH can be thrown off, such as by hormonal changes (think menopause or childbirth), by your period, or even by unprotected sex. At those times, you can use vaginal pH products, such as a pH-balancing natural vaginal moisturizer [link to Restore], to help restore your pH to a healthy level.

Second, vaginal products can help maintain your natural vaginal flora, the “good bacteria” that live in your vagina and help keep out the harmful bacteria that can cause disease. Your vaginal flora needs a certain pH to live, so if your pH is off, your flora may be suffering too. Antibiotics can also disrupt your vaginal flora, leaving the door open for further infections. If your vaginal flora needs support, one way to help is with a vaginal probiotic that includes starter colonies of the most important good bacteria to get your vaginal ecosystem back on its feet.

What are the benefits of using vaginal care products?

Vaginal care products don’t replace antibiotics or other medications prescribed by a doctor, but they can help treat day-to-day feminine irritation and discomfort. In particular, many women use vaginal dryness products to relieve irritation and stay comfortably moist down there. Some women also use feminine odor products to mask or suppress unpleasant smells; however, vaginal odors and discharge could be symptoms of an underlying infection such as bacterial vaginosis (BV), which you should see your doctor about.

More importantly, vaginal products can help maintain women’s vaginal health so that symptoms like odor and discharge don’t develop in the first place. In addition to their moisturizing action, the best vaginal moisturizers help restore and maintain pH balance, making them essential not only for everyday comfort but for ongoing feminine health. A vaginal probiotic also helps with pH, by strengthening the vaginal flora that naturally supports a healthy acidity. Used together, vaginal products such as pH-balancing moisturizers and feminine probiotics ensure that you’re well prepared to avoid odors and discharge naturally.

Who can benefit from using vaginal care products?

Vaginal care products are helpful for women who suffer from vaginal imbalances for any reason, including hormonal changes and recurring infections, and especially after a course of antibiotics. After a disruption, it can be difficult to restore your pH and vaginal flora to their normal, healthy condition, which means that you are at increased risk for BV, yeast infections, and all the trouble they bring. Fortunately, restoring pH balance for women is as easy as using a few natural vaginal products, such as a pH-balanced feminine moisturizer and a vaginal probiotic supplement.

You can also benefit immediately from a feminine moisturizer if you are suffering from vaginal dryness. Although we don’t always like to talk about dryness, it is a very common problem that can be caused by a number of different factors, and doesn’t necessarily mean that there is anything wrong with you. In particular, many women suffer from vaginal dryness because of hormonal changes after childbirth or menopause. If the dryness causes irritation, a feminine gel can restore a healthy level of moisture down there.

Finally, the same changes that cause dryness can also lead to chronically elevated pH and weakened vaginal flora. If you have gone through menopause or started taking hormonal birth control, you don’t just need to restore your vaginal pH once; you need a regular vaginal care practice that keeps your pH low and your levels of healthy lactobacilli high. The good news is that everyday feminine care doesn’t have to be a burden! Vaginal pH products such as moisturizing gels are comfortable and easy to administer, and supplementing them with a feminine probiotic is as simple as taking a pill. Best of all, natural vaginal health products won’t irritate your sensitive tissues with harsh chemicals, so you can relax and enjoy simple, whole feminine health.

What can you expect when you buy vaginal care products from us?

We got tired of women’s vaginal health being an afterthought — something that scientists didn’t study, women didn’t talk about, and doctors just threw antibiotics at. Instead, we set out to make feminine health something that women of all ages and backgrounds could understand and maintain themselves, using natural, body-safe ingredients. When you buy vaginal health products from us, you can expect the best available science, the best available ingredients, and a commitment to healing and empowerment from a company founded by women for women.

You can also expect a level of social and environmental stewardship that all businesses should aspire to but very few attain. We are a B-Corporation, which means that our business practices support social and environmental justice. We won the PETA Compassionate Company Award for successfully pioneering animal-friendly changes to the FDA’s testing methodology, and we make our packaging from sugarcane-based environmentally friendly bioplastics. Our commitment to high-quality ingredients and sustainable packaging has resulted in several awards and certifications, including from Real Leaders and MADE SAFE. And because we believe women should be not only healthy but empowered, we donate 10% of the proceeds from our website sales to Change for Women nonprofit organizations. When you buy vaginal care products from us, you’re contributing not only to your own ongoing feminine health, but also to a sustainable future for society and the planet.