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Restore + BioNourish

Both are water-based, pH-balanced and OB/GYN recommended moisturizers, and feature our Bio-Match® technology that mimics the body's natural moisture. Both moisturizers naturally relieve dryness, discomfort & odor. They're made with natural ingredients; No parabens, petrochemicals or artificial fragrances. Restore and BioNude are daily vaginal moisturizers that can also be used as a personal lubricant for intimacy.

What's the difference between the two?

Restore is made with organic aloe vera to mimic natural moisture, is lightly flavored, and is our top selling vaginal moisturizer suitable for most bodies to hydrate and nourish sensitive tissues.

BioNourish is made with hyaluronic acid for maximum moisture, is hypoallergenic & unflavored, and is best suited for those with sensitive skin types or have allergies. BioNude uses hydroxyethylcellulose instead of aloe for sensitive skin folks.