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Personal Lubricants

Fertility-Friendly Lubricant


"Both gels work very well to quickly restore a healthy comfortable balance."

- Karen W., Ottowa, ON, Canada

You deserve relief from dryness. We can help.

"Since going thru menopause, this is the only vaginal gel I have found that really works for me."
- Becky O., Georgia

"This is the best product I have come across for making a woman feel like she hasn’t lost any estrogen."
- Karine C., North Carolina

Vaginal dryness has many causes... Childbirth. Medical procedures. Prescriptions drugs. Menopause and many more. You're not alone. 20% of women under 60 and 66% of women over 60 experience dryness. But there is hope. It's time you tried a moisturizer that's ultra-soothing, ultra-hydrating. We call it better-for-you wellness. pH and salt balanced with lactic acid to support the good bacteria that help keep your vagina healthy and feeling its best.