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Meet Founder & CEO, Wendy

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Award-Winning Entrepreneur

Wendy Strgar is an award-winning entrepreneur as the Founder and CEO of Good Clean Love. Starting in her kitchen back in 2003, Wendy founded Good Clean Love after hearing from many women about, and experiencing for herself, the painful side effects of using petrochemical-based hygiene and intimacy products.

Good Clean Love products are now sold internationally and endorsed by thousands of physicians for their safe and nontoxic ingredients. A woman-owned B-Corporation, Good Clean Love prides itself on providing the most scientifically-advanced personal care products with patented Bio-Match​®​ technology designed by leading scientists under Wendy’s leadership.

Author & Loveologist

In addition to serving as Good Clean Love’s CEO, Wendy is a popular blogger and author of two books. ​Sex That Works: An Intimate Guide To Awakening Your Erotic Life ​was published in June 2017 and is the companion to her first book, ​Love that Works: A Guide to Enduring Intimacy​. A sexual health educator and loveologist, Wendy is the featured writer at the award-winning blog, Making Love Sustainable. Her writing has been featured on Eco Salon, Care2, The Huffington Post and Elephant Journal, among many others.

“In the last moments of our lives, the only thoughts that remain to us are those of the people we have loved and those who have loved us. All that we’ve acquired and achieved pales in comparison to the legacy of love we leave behind.”


The most critical aspect of Wendy's work has been elevating sexual health and wellness resources so they are available to all; beginning with education and advocacy at the forefront. In the early podcast days, she hosted both Lunch with the Loveologist and The Opening Door podcasts, in which she interviewed leading experts on relationships and intimacy. Today, she is the host of the renowned Dear Sex Podcast, an outlet where Wendy and her guests can unravel the human relationship with sex and intimacy.

Wendy loves to teach and has offered workshops for cancer survivors, at public schools, and universities.


Wendy has always championed business as a force of good in the world; and she leads Good Clean Love toward ethical and sustainable business practices. In 2018, the company launched a carbon offset initiative with its flagship product, Almost Naked personal lubricant, which became the first-ever carbon neutral intimacy product in the world. The company is one of the only personal care brands whose products are packaged using bioplastic, a material made from recyclable sugar cane. Wendy also founded the Positive Community Kitchen, a nonprofit organization that provides nutritious meals for terminally-ill patients. Every month Good Clean Love donates to support organizations that promote reproductive health and equal rights.