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Good Clean Love's mission is to increase the awareness and experience of love in the world.

Our Packaging

Our product tubes aren’t just attractive, they’re sustainable. As a B-Corporation and a Green America certified business, we know that business is not just about producing good products but also about ethical business practices. That's why we choose tubes made of bioplastic, rather than conventional plastic.

Our tubes are made out of entirely plant-based materials. Bioplastic, the leading renewable alternative to petroleum-based plastics, is made with sugarcane ethanol, which is the fermentation of sucrose found in sugarcane juice and molasses.

Using sugarcane derivatives instead of petroleum can solve many of the top challenges confronting our society and environment. This remarkable plant has the potential to lower carbon dioxide emissions, create jobs, diversify our energy sources, and help create a healthier, cleaner planet. Compared to gasoline, sugarcane ethanol produces 90% less carbon dioxide on average when breaking down. In fact, sugarcane ethanol has reduced Brazil’s emissions of carbon dioxide by more than 350 million tons since 2003. That’s as good for the environment as planting and maintaining 2.5 billion trees for 20 years!

How to recycle our tubes:

1. First, you will remove the cap - which can be discarded in the trash.
2. Following the removal of the cap, you will cut the tube in half, starting in the middle and following through until it has been completely detached.
3. Next, you will need to rinse out both sides of the tube thoroughly.
4. Finally, your tube is set and ready to be recycled!

For resources on where to recycle, check with your local recycling provider.

Repurposing Packaging

How to repurpose candle tins:

1. Start with removing any leftover wax. You can do this by either lighting your wick until it's completely liquified down and pouring the remainder out, or try freezing the candle and using a spoon to scoop out the remaining wax.
2. Next, you should dispose the oil safely (or if you're like us, save it somewhere you can later use as a body butter).
3. Wash the tin can out completely and don't forget about the lid as well!
4. Then, add drainage holes to the bottom of the tin can and place the lid to fit underneath the bottom of the tin can, catching the drainage holes.
5. Add some soil and plant a succulent or small plant of your choosing. Enjoy!

How to reuse love oil containers:

1. First, remove the pump from your love oil container by gripping the grey topper and twisting it counterclockwise.
2. Next, wash out the container thoroughly with hot water to remove any leftover lingering oil.
3. Let the container and pump sit out and air dry.
4. Finally, add any products of your choosing you'd like.

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