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Good Clean Love BioMatch Subscription Box Terms and Conditions

Good Clean Love Bio Match™ Subscriber - Initial Bio Match™ Box

Upon subscribing to the Good Clean Love Bio Match™ Subscription Box, you will receive an email welcoming you to the subscription and a link to access the My Account page where you can manage your subscription including your personal information, payment information, shipping information, skip a box, or cancel your subscription altogether.

Good Clean Love Bio Match™ Subscriber - Ongoing Bio Match™ Boxes

As a subscriber, we will notify you of your upcoming (after the initial Bio Match™ box) monthly Bio Match™ box three days before charging and shipping your box by email. If you do not respond or change any information in My Account on prior to the 3rd day after notice, we will send you a Bio Match™ box. You have the option to “skip” your monthly Bio Match™ box. If you log in to your account prior to the day of shipping your Bio Match™ box and select "Skip This Month," you won’t receive or be billed for that month’s box. If you are unsatisfied with the products you receive, please call 1-541-344-4483 or email and we will take personal care of you. You may cancel your membership at any time.

Membership Cancellations

We will do everything to make your membership as satisfying as possible. However, you are free to cancel your membership any time by calling customer service at 1-541-344-4483 or emailing us at You must cancel your membership prior to the day of shipping to avoid being charged for the next shipment. If you have any questions please contact customer service. 

Additional Terms

By continuing your membership, you accept and agree to the terms of this Membership Agreement and any future changes made by us to it. If you do not wish to be bound by this Agreement, please see above for how to cancel your membership. Your edits or changes to either the online or offline versions of this Agreement or a membership offer will not be effective, regardless of form.

A Little About Us..

Good Clean Love believes everyone should be able to experience wellness and intimacy that results from feeling balanced and confident in one's body. Our ideal partner is sex-positive, inclusive, socially responsible, relatable, grounded, caring and proactive in personal health.

We are looking to partner with influencers, content contributors, podcasts, TV series and partners who can help us amplify our mission.