Most of us would love to have a more sustainable lifestyle. But most of us are also very busy and don’t always have time to think about even easy ways we could be more sustainable.

We’ve come up with some easy ways you could start being more sustainable this week. And many of them you’d even save some cash!

Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic and Waste

Use washable metal or glass straws instead of disposable plastic straws.

  • These are popping up in more and more places, but they're also easy to grab off Amazon!

Use cloths instead of paper towels when possible.

  • I may never be able to get away from paper towels when cleaning my toilet, but cleaning my counter with a cloth is an easy, sustainable switch!

Save gift bags and boxes for future use.

Instead of using plastic bags at checkout, bring your own bags for groceries.

  • You can find very affordable reusable bags. My personal favorites are from TJ Maxx or Home Goods!

Easy Ways to Reuse Instead of Buying New

Use rechargeable batteries where possible.

  • My friend introduced me to this idea! An easy way to be more sustainable and save some money!

Try to borrow books from the library before purchasing them directly.

  • If you love reading as much as I do, this is a money-saving idea!

Buy second-hand clothes when possible.

  • When buying new, Invest in better quality items that last longer and support fashion brands that are ethical and environmentally conscious.

Consider investing in reusable products.

You Really Can Make a Difference

I truly believe most of us desire to help our Earth, but many times we can feel like no matter what we do it wouldn’t really make a difference. However, it’s important to remember that our individual actions can be widely inspiring to others around us! We all have influence in our lives!

And then, our individual actions when taken collectively give real benefits. With each decision that we make in the marketplace as consumers, we send very real messages to retailers and the larger industry. When we make a conscious decision to buy or not to buy something, that is a direct economic signal we’re sending.

So it is not just about the feel-good or inspiring messages we’re sending to others, (which are absolutely critical) but we can also send a very real economic message through our decisions in the marketplace.

We're Starting with Us

Here at Good Clean Love we’re always striving to be as sustainable as possible! This is why we make all of our tubes out of an eco-plastic made from sustainable sugar cane. You may have noticed our bottles have a sweet smell! This is why! And using sugarcane derivatives instead of petroleum-based plastics can solve many of the top challenges confronting our society and environment.

This remarkable plant has the potential to lower carbon dioxide emissions, create jobs, diversify our energy sources, and help create a healthier, cleaner planet.

And at the end of the day, we're a LOVE company, and being more sustainable is being more loving. Let's love the Earth today!