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2023 Good Clean Love Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is here, a time for gathering close to loved ones, fostering connection, and in many homes, sharing tokens of appreciation through gift-giving. If you missed the Black Friday shopping window and decision paralysis is setting in, don’t fear – the 2023 Good Clean Love gift guide is here. We’re sharing some of our favorite brands with products we love and values we respect. 

For the Family

Gifts everyone will be happy to see under the tree.

  1. PlanToys Storytelling Dice 
    Featuring sustainably made wooden pieces, this set encourages children to develop multi-tasking, concentration, and communication skills as they roll the dice and act out narratives that correspond to the images on each. Fun for the whole family! 
    PlanToys Storytelling Dice Set
  2. Your Super Life Cookbook 
    Is your family’s 2024 resolution to eat healthier or dial back on the take-out? This cookbook of plant-based recipes made with powerful superfoods will be the perfect addition to your bookshelf. Created by Your Super, whose mission is to improve people’s health with ethically-sourced superfoods. 
    Your Super Life Cookbook
  3. Barnacle Foods Kelp Season Bundle 
    This bundle includes four different types of kelp-based seasonings, perfect for sprinkling on some avocado toast, popcorn, rice, you name it. Kelp is a great earth-friendly ingredient, rich in nutrients, and tastes absolutely delicious too!
    Barnacle Goofs Kelp Seasoning Bundle
  4. Hatch Rest+ 2nd Gen White Noise Machine 
    When it comes to getting your little ones to fall asleep and stay asleep, this machine has it all. White noise, curated music, bedtime stories, nightlight, and more all rolled into one portable, app-controlled design; need we say more? Remember, when they sleep, you sleep.
    Hatch Rest+ 2nd Gen

Personal Care

Give your loved one (or yourself 😉) the gift of wellness.

  1.  WonderGreens Veggie Gummies 
    A product from B-Corp, Climate Neutral Certified company Plant People, these vegan probiotic gummies are packed with nutrients to support gut health, nutrition, energy, and immune health. An easy way to boost daily wellbeing.
    WonderGreen Super Veggie Gummies
  2. ILIA Bright Start Retinol Alternative Eye Cream 
    Perfect for anyone who can’t use retinol, this eye cream has all the benefits of reducing dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles over time. A 1% For the Planet member, ILIA makes skincare-centered beauty products.
    ILYA Eye Cream
  3. BLK + GRN Self-Love Bundle 
    Including an essential oil blend, smudge sticks, and a soy candle, this bundle is perfect for diving into self-care through aromatherapy. Plus, all products come in an organic cotton reusable makeup bag! BLK + GRN curates sustainably made, cruelty-free products from Black artisans around the world.
    BLK + GRN Self Love Bundle
  4. Fur Ingrown Concentrate 
    Boost your comfort and confidence with this gentle, all-natural oil that soothes irritation and eradicates ingrown hairs. Gentle on sensitive skin, including the pubic region! Fur stands for inclusivity, body positivity, and community advocacy. 
    Fur Ingrown Concentrate

For Your Partner

Your lover deserves some extra luxe and pleasure this holiday season.

  1. Blush Gaia Eco Bliss Plant-Based Vibrator 
    Sustainably-made with natural rubber and plant-based bioplastic, this rumbly vibrator is designed with a tapered head for pinpoint stimulation with a soft, textured body for additional sensations during play. What’s sexier than environmentally-friendly orgasms?
    Blush Gaia Eco-Friendly Vibrator

  2. The Vibrant Gift Card 
    Treat your partner to their choice of new, high quality undergarments. Every component of Vibrant products are tested for harmful substances and chemicals and proven to be harmless for human health. 
    Vibrant Gift Card
  3. Lilysilk Luxury Pillowcase 
    Made with 100% organic silk, this luxury pillowcase looks elegant and is gentle on hair and skin. Lilyskin uses natural ingredients and strives to make innovative products that combat the environmental impact of the fashion industry.
    Lilysilk Luxury Pillowcase
  4. Good Clean Love Almost Naked Bundle 
    Of course, we always think slippery smooth pleasure is the best gift! A must-have for you and your partner, this bundle includes Good Clean Love’s best-selling Almost Naked organic lubricant in its original flavor along with the NEW Hint of Mint flavor. We are proud to be a B-Corp, and Climate Neutral Certified, so you can feel assured you’re buying quality products that not only support vaginal health, but environmental health as well.
    Almost Naked Bundle

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