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August 2021: Celebrating Love Agents

In honor of Good Clean Love’s Anniversary,

We are celebrating the “Love Agents” in our lives, in all the ways they show up for us. The truth is that love is all around us, but we often don’t see it – until someone does something unexpectedly kind and mirrors back to us our own loving nature. And it’s the stories of these people that show us the meaning of love by the courageous ways they live.

A Love Agent could be a friend, colleague, partner, parent, child, or even a stranger. Maybe someone paid for your coffee in a drive-thru or offered to watch your children when you needed it most.

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Tell Us Your Story

We want to hear about a Love Agent who has inspired you and helped make the world a more loving place. To enter our giveaway, you can mention us (@goodcleanlove) in a social media post, send us a direct message, or email us your story at Photos encouraged! Everyone who shares a story between now and Thursday, August 19, will be entered to win a grand prize valued at over $500.

Watch for stories, photos, and articles throughout the month of August on our social media channels.