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Celebrating an Inner Holiday

This holiday season I want to find a quiet connected space for myself and my family. I want the time to rest and breathe and wonder. I am sick to death of shopping for things to make me or someone I love happy. I want someone to look into my eyes and hear my confusion and sift through my feelings with me.

Lynn Jericho has been studying and writing about this search and has called it the Inner Christmas. This year she made a lovely little computer movie which actually brought my breath back and reminded me what I want to give and receive this holiday season. Here is the link, you won’t be sorry you took the time.

The search for this inner celebration is at the very core of what it means to make love sustainable in your life. It takes time to feel the ground of your life. Listening for the thoughts that you build your life and relationships with is the first gift you can give yourself and those you love. Creating a meaningful flow of communication and giving permission to yourself and your loved ones to speak their truth and feel heard is at the very heart of connection.

Make time for intimacy, a gentle and tender space where both partners feel safe, loved and accepted for what they are able to bring to the partnership. Celebrating this inner holiday might actually provide a whole new understanding of the idea of burning the yuletide fire. As we all know, it is in the mystery and transformation of the fire that we are born and reborn.