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“For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled. “ ~Richard P. Feynman

Not too long ago, my son got his first iPhone 4s and called me overjoyed.  He exclaimed “my life is complete.”  In my motherly way, I tried to explain that a phone doesn’t complete you, it is just a cool phone.  Clearly I missed the point and I was in the process of  losing touch with him over this new phone.  It isn’t that I haven’t shared his joy over this highly functional little device that offers access anything you want to know,  a myriad of ways to express your creativity,  and even more applications to play and amuse.  Our cellular technology is no doubt a wonder. The most recent models even have a built in robotic organizer who can talk to you like you are a friend. Truly we are never alone anymore. Who even remembers when calling someone meant stretching the phone cord as far as it would go outside of the kitchen to get some privacy. My kids can’t even imagine. What is not to love about our cellular technology?

There are health warnings on every cellphone package sold that are in such fine print no one sees them.  A decade or more ago, in the earliest phases, cell phone development cycles, when phones were still large, heavy and dropped calls were the norm, there were many vocal doubters and early research that surfaced about cellular radiation, which could potentially cause brain cancer.  I have always been a talker,  and for a time I was worried about the warnings and the potential effects of this newfound freedom of being able to talk to someone wherever you are.  I still cringe to remember the heat emanating out of those early phones as I held them next to my ear.  I try not to think about the years of radiation that my brain has already suffered now that those early warnings of radiation dangers has become scientific evidence.

Turns out we are actually sitting on a powder keg filled with serious medical implications from our beloved cellular technology.  A whole generation of  cell phone users are moving forward,  towards an epidemic of  brain injury and cancer, which incubates in the vast sea of our unprotected cellular radiation that we all swim in with little recognition. The times are changing…  The World Health Organization just released a report in May 2011 based on the most comprehensive and expensive ($25 million) international study that showed increased risk of certain types of brain tumors from regular cell phone use. The study defined regular use- as a cumulative 1,640 hours, which amounts to less than a half hour of daily use over ten years.  Yikes, I am already a subject. The FCC forced cellphone manufacturers to include a clear warning of possible carcinogenic effects of the cellular devices from both the EMR (a microwave energy emitted from antennas) and RF (radio frequency) waves which comes from the radiation source. We couldn’t hear the warning over the endless public relations messaging concerning the bells, whistles and competitive offers of free minutes and endless texting.

The concern over the health effects of cellular technology actually dates back decades.  But the safety conversation is moving to the forefront now, as cellular technology has now landed in literally everyone’s hands.  Some 22% of children (ages 6 to 9), 60% of tweens (10 to 14), and 84%of teens (15 to 18) own a cell phone.  Some estimate that up to 90% of young adults (age 18 to 29) sleep with their cell phones with many teens using them well into the night. What is terrifying about these facts is that, the harmful microwaves penetrate much deeper into the skulls of children and adolescents due to their softer bone density.

Most recently in 2011, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that just 50 minutes of cell phone use has been proven to alter activity in the brain area closest to the phone. Studies have also shown chromosomal damage in blood exposed to wireless phone radio waves. Other extensive research has demonstrated links between microwave exposure and attention deficit disorder, reduced cognitive ability, headaches, tachycardia, sleep disorders, childhood asthma, reduced fertility, and bone density loss. It’s hard to imagine that significant  health risks like these could be  ignored for so long while we all remain blissfully ignorant.

Humans are like that though, we have to get hit over the head, literally. We don’t like to look at the downside of something we love as much as our technology. This is perhaps why Einstein once commented that our technology has exceeded our humanity.  I only learned about this frightening medical time bomb, because I was contacted about the first viable solution.  This is probably the best part of reporting and writing about life solutions and how to make the world a more loving place. The people who are doing it, find you. In fact all of the greatest scientific research in our history occurred where scientific genius was acting in service to solving  human problems

There is nothing that inspires more hope in me than when science solves real problems. We finally have a viable, proven solution  to this issue and it costs as little as one of the new PONG cases, which as far as I am concerned should come as part of any new phone package; kind of like seatbelts in a car (just think how long that took..). While we wait for the regulation to arrive, just know that right now you can save your own life and everyone you love just by getting the new Pong case for your phone. What makes Pong cases different from other technology that claims to reduce radiation is a patented antenna technology embedded in each case that redirects and redistributes the cell phone radiation that would otherwise be absorbed by the user’s head and body. Proprietary to Pong Research, the technology was invented by a team of experts out of Princeton, Harvard, UCLA and MIT with backgrounds in plasma physics, nuclear and radiation science, cell biology, behavioral neuroscience and electronics engineering.  Pong research offers the only existing solution proven in FCC-certified labs to protect consumers significantly (up to 95% below FCC limits) from wireless device radiation.

The cases are affordable, attractive and worth every penny.  Imagine a phone case that can save your life.