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Creating a Social Movement of Love Agents

handhold“Love can, in fact, reinvent the world.” -Wendy Strgar,

Blogging days are over. And as much as I love to ponder and write about what it takes to make love real, it is clear that this weekly monologue of mine about sustainable love must evolve into something that actually impacts the experience of love in the world. Lucky for me that I met a social movement architect who has helped us conceive of the first organic love movement of its kind built on individual acts of love. The truth is that every time any one of us does something deliberately loving for someone else, it creates an energetic transmission that enlarges the emotional capacity of both the giver and the receiver; and while I have been writing for years about good ideas for getting there, it is time to enlist the legion of all of you, who have been reading (thanks for opening all this time) and turn you into certified Love Agents.

A successful social movement is characterized by two factors- who is changed and how much change is created. When the movement affects everyone and the change is radical, it is revolutionary; when the change is radical but only impacts a limited number of people, it is redemptive. And we have an added edge… most historic social movements are designed as a fight against something or someone, whereas ours is a fight for something that we all want more of anyway. Consider this- each and every single act of love is redemptive in itself because love is the single most expansive force in the universe. The revolutionary part of this happens when you imagine tens or even hundreds of thousands of people completing missions with tens of thousands of people they love. How many moments of love will it take to turn this ship around? Maybe not as many as we think.

Social movements have a life span, too. Even though people still talk about the Civil Rights movement, it is now a historic shift rather than the engine of change it once was. The phases of change include: Emerge – coalesce – organize – go mainstream – decline. How much time do we have to emerge? It’s hard to know, but having you all acting as strong beta Love Agents is the key to creating momentum. Don’t keep your successes a secret- tell the people you know about how a love mission expanded your life. Let’s flood our social media channels with earned love badges. Grow the legion of Love Agents with the people you care for.

I recently realized that over the course of building this Good Clean Love business, people have always been asking the wrong question about monetizing our Loveology work. The real question has always been: how do we expand it? So, even though our Love Movement could be seen as a form of monetization, which is to say I am paying you to do love missions and rewarding you with free, cool Good Clean Love paraphernalia, the true value of this Love Movement will occur in the expansion of your heart as you complete the missions. Whether the missions that you choose to complete challenge you or just bring you more light and opening, all of the Love Agent missions will make your relationships and your life more workable.

Truly, there has never been a time when this world needed more love than right now. So, let’s take the world by surprise and create a social movement of love that will change the world. And, as an added bonus…. Free lube for all.

Join the movement.