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Day 145: Bruises

“He divines remedies against injuries; he knows how to turn serious accidents to his own advantage; whatever does not kill him makes him stronger” -Friedrich Nietzsche

It is a sure sign when the day becomes a collection of physical injuries. Today a ping-pong table fell on my forearm, which remarkably held it up and a car door slammed into my ankle with about the force of the ping-pong table. Even bathing was painful. I need to stop, just as life is heating to a new level of boil.

I want these injuries to speak to me deeply and make me take a time out. I want the limp to slow me down so I can get out of my own way to find the strength available only in recuperation. I have seen this trajectory before and it is not headed where I want to go. It takes as much courage to cry uncle and pull your self out of the game as it does to push your self to keep going.

I have to find the positivity in recuperation, of finding the voice to say, enough. This is hard for me, because somewhere it feels like quitting. This is the place of transformation that this positivity quest has brought me to, can I care for myself enough to give myself the time to heal, to regroup and find my center.

The bruises and injuries of life are the same for all of us, what we do with them says everything about the life we are living. Learning how to take a break is really the only way you can run the race of life.