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Day 211: The Right Focus

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” -Buddha

One of the mantras of my life that has continuously proven more true all the time is the idea that what we focus on multiplies. This is true on every plane of existence, whether it is the mental, physical, spiritual or emotional internal states or the many ways we interact with the world. This is in fact one of the primary laws of the positivity quest and is backed up by every scientific study that has been done on positive psychology. 

The same of course is true for the other kind of psychology too. We can make ourselves increasingly mentally ill if we stay focused on what is wrong with us in the world. The extent to which people can make themselves miserable seems to have no limit at all: just read the front page of the paper. Although you could argue that the newspaper reflects the extremes, even in the small lives we all live, it is crazy how much negative attention occupies our lives.

Today, I was able to refocus my thinking about the future of Good Clean Love and all the changes going on in our growth. I am not sure if it is a true letting go, or just a brief glimpse of what I will be able to do with the new possibilities that are part of the Good Clean Love future. I was focusing on the daydreams that I have long imagined about who I would get to talk to about love and healthy products.

I even imagined a way to get another one of my kids involved and excited about committing to the success. This is one of the great joys of a family business, your kids get to try to do things that no one else would hire them to do and sometimes they are so good at it, you not only launched a new career but also lifted your business to a whole new level.

My new focus was contagious as a positive or negative slant always is, and I am happy to say that it enabled several people to find their bearings in the midst of some challenging negotiations. These are good days, when you can feel that your just being in the world made it a little bit better.