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Day 223: Find a Remedy

“Don’t find fault, find a remedy.” -Henry Ford

My kids play sports and they get hurt. Sometimes injuries happen in the most unexpected ways that catch you off guard. Other times, it is in the heat of an intense play at the climax of a tournament. Injuries are the leveler in the playing field of life. They are the place where achievement and humanity meet to remind us of our cellular structure and the truth that even in our greatest strength we are also and always vulnerable.

Today was another moment in the long chain of  that discovery when the wrong turn during an untimely leap landing too hard on a single thumb joint. We don’t know the net result yet, but we are hoping that it won’t cost too much time. In the meantime, I am grateful for the healing protocol that I have learned over literally hundreds of injuries. Living with an MD, my alternative treatments have been compared with placebo, but I have seen too many miraculous recoveries to listen.

I love homeopathy. I sometimes wish I had become a homeopath. Over the last two decades I have collected my own small pharmacy and I have treated my kids for everything from the mundane injuries and stings in life to high fevers, flus and coughs. Understanding injury and illness as an energetic phenomenon has given me a point of entry and an ability to act and help the healing process. This may well be one of the primary actions of health- that we can act out of love on our own behalf.

For the physical injuries in life, I have used many homeopathic ointments and gels, but none so effective as the one I found when my youngest child actually snapped her upper arm in half in an unfortunate trampoline accident.  She had injured the nerves around the site and had lost use of half her hand. It wasn’t coming back. Then I found out about Topricin from the founder’s son. He told me to rub it on the site of the injury at least three times per day. Within a week, she had full use of her hand. The doctor was amazed. I have been hooked ever since; I am practically a Topricin evangelist and I give it as a gift at the holidays.

Today, Topricin was the first course of action. Paracelsus wrote: in the  14th century: “The art of healing comes from nature and not from the physician. Therefore, the physician must start from nature with an open mind.” Believing that there is a remedy for most situations is for me a way to believe in life, and better still a way to support nature’s healing.