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Day 226: “The Magic is in the (W)hole…”

“Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it.”  -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Voodoo Donuts is one block from the Embassy Suites here in Portland.  This is the first big cultural sensation in Oregon that is sweeping the nation. The woman in front of me on line (which generally winds around the block ) is on a cross country trip from Florida. This was one of the stops on her list.  Not quite like Rushmore, but the high-end, funky dessert craze sweeping the country is a movement of sorts. Situated in the heart of the sex bar industry, they are busy through the night, playing loud hard music so that it feels like a bar walking in; but the sweet dough smell contradicts.

Voodoo is a powerful idea to apply to donuts and it is strange that the wall you lean against is covered in miscellaneous famous obits. The fame, popularity and acclaim of the place is in its unique combination of authenticity and insanity. Bacon maple bars, raised donuts covered with fruit loops, chocolate strawberry coconut…  The front wall was covered in donut options that you never considered before, which is why it takes the line so long to move.

The clan was overjoyed by the donut selection that arrived at the pool. I was glad to have had the chance to experience the voodoo magic in the neighborhood.  Now I can finally answer yes when the umpteenth person asks me whether I have been to Voodoo. There are all kinds who wait outside the Voodoo donut shop late into the night. This is a big part of the magic; that donuts are enough to pull together such a wide range of people hour after hour. People come all the way from Florida for a donut.

I am not sure if Goethe was thinking of a magical donut shop when he made his statement above, but the truth is that anything you believe in, any act you take with your whole heart carries the magic that makes grace in your life and defines personal power, even serious donuts.