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Day 295: Four Attributes For a Quality Life

“Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.” -Buddha

The four attributes that pave the road for a qualitatively positive life are motivation, effort, authenticity and an inquiring mind. Cultivating these skills and making them intuitive and natural responses to life will create a reliable and worthy life map. Everyone relies on at least one of these as a primary coping resource, but the more you develop the other characteristics as well, the more power you get from any one of them. 

Motivation is at the heart of our desire to accomplish something in the world. Our commitment to our goals is a deep and guiding influence in every choice we make. High levels of this kind of inner zeal is what Olympic athletes and world class musicians have in much higher measure than most of us. People driven by their goals always see beyond obstacles. Their determination to achieve cannot be swayed by temporary setbacks. Having this belief about one’s motivation, makes even the biggest obstacles seem surmountable.

The foundation for getting things done comes from an intrinsic level of energy that we bring to life. People who rely on their ability to meet their goals are not daunted by the amount of work involved. They are up early and to bed late, never tiring from the tasks required to meet their goals. Developing a capacity for effort simultaneously increases one’s sense of power and strength in the world. Giving up never comes to mind.

Living authentically is a love of truth. Being dedicated to knowing the truth about oneself and one’s relationships in the world requires both clarity and courage. Insight and wisdom are the cornerstones of this quality that has the power to not only change one’s own life, but also the lives of everyone that this practice touches.

Curiosity and the courage to ask the hard questions is the essence of the inquiring mind. This quality of thinking and investigation digs deep into the real meaning of life. Being willing to dive deep into the mystery of life and people’s behaviors is not always easy or initially rewarding; however, the quality of investigation and discovering the truth adds light to everyone’s experience.