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Day 302: Birthday

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”  -Abraham Lincoln

Today is my birthday. My philosophy of the birthday celebration is that the best way to honor this personal new year celebration is to try to include a little bit of everything you most treasure in the day. Like a vision board, post even just a moments reflection on what you love about yourself and your life. Or at the very least, spend a focused moment about what you want to do more of in your life.

When other people can be included in the celebrating, that is better still. Friendships that bear witness to our best points and significant milestones are crucial. This was a birthday with many old friends, which made it easy to hit one of the high points of the day… laughter. Mind you, any day that is replete with laughter has the right to be called a holiday. It is not an easy place to find, and so dear when you do.

Remarkably, the first copies of my new book, Love that Works arrived today.  It was an odd moment, holding the finished product in my hands, having seen and read it so many times, there was this odd feeling of “oh here it is…anti climax.” It is a beautiful production of which I am very proud, and it was a deep and powerful gift to receive the complete package on my birthday.

It made me realize just how much can happen in one year and how much I was able to create and manifest in that time. When I used to dream about getting to these places as I worked to envision the future and put it down on paper, I never could really see what it would look like. Today, looking up at all the big leaps that have happened in my life, I marveled at the power of positive thinking in action.

I heard myself as I recounted the remarkable year to a friend who works at the neighborhood market, “The truth is that we don’t realize just how powerfully we can create the life we want. It’s like we look away and get distracted from the incredible capacity we have to both imagine and make real our dreams.”

Click, the dial spins around one more cycle…. I can’t wait to see what is next.