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Day 301: More than Pleasure

“Sex is more than an act of pleasure, its’ the ability to be able to feel so close to a person, so connected, so comfortable that it’s almost breathtaking to the point you feel you can’t take it. And at this moment you’re a part of them.” -Unknown

For all the writing, talking and making products for sexual enjoyment that I spend my time, at the end of the day, it is the doing that gives the rest meaning. When I first started making love oils, I called the products Sacred Moments because I believed that there is no place closer to the divine on this planet that making love to someone who loves you.

I have written reams about how physical intimacy is the alchemy that turns the lead weight and effort of relating into a profound wisdom and connection. It is as unique and mysterious as any human interaction can be. It is the single human act that heals the body, mind and spirit equally and simultaneously.

The best ideas ever to have landed on earth all came through procreative acts of one kind or another. I try to pay attention to my thoughts in and around these moments. They are clear and usually aim true. More than 30 years with the same guy has taught me how to feel from the inside out. I think this is why I have always experienced the deepest intimacy as the apex of pain and pleasure. They live beside each other in an interesting and mobile way.

Today, because it is just after midnight is my birthday the best birthday prep in the world is exploring the vast universe of human sexuality with my old teenage sweetheart. Back then 24 and so much more went off into forever. Now 54 and so much more has a renegotiated embrace of all of it. No more time for polarizing good and bad. What more is there than pleasure? Not much.