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Day 341: Magnetic Force of Love

“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright. It is not indifferent to us…”  -Henry David Thoreau

One of the greatest forces available within the realm of positivity is magnetism.  A unique character trait, personal charisma that acts  like a magnet is a product of both deep authenticity and  a profound faith in one’s aspirations… Real magnetic charisma is not just star appeal,  it is the inspiring quality of true leadership, which is purpose rather than ego driven.


Even without having the rare quality of  personal magnetism, we all have access to the laws of magnetic attraction if we are awake and conscious about our life path. The basic scientific truths about magnetic attraction apply to all of us.   Whether we are aimed at creating positive or negative results in life, our path will draw more of what we focus on to us.

This explains why change can be so challenging, because in order to change course we have to stop the energetic flow in order to reverse it. Negative energy can take hold in relationships within just a few weeks of sustained compromised relating. Many relationships don’t escape this negative spiral because the amount of energy required to turn the direction of the relationship can feel insurmountable really quickly. In order to change directions,  you have to fight the entropy of the direction you are in.

Yet the opposite I dare say is even truer. The magnetic force of love and purpose has a dynamic magic about it. Of late I am swimming in that magic, and the more that I sense it, the more it shows up. The law of attraction  is based in the reality that what we focus on multiplies. The more that we trust our direction and act on faith because we believe in where we are going, the more that the seemingly impossible becomes not only possible but likely.

We are coming up on the first anniversary of the positivity quest and instead of stopping it, I have decided to make this next year the magnetic positivity quest, because the more people we can get to join in and start creating the lives they have imagined, the more quickly we move to a positive future.  Stay tuned- PQ year 2 is interactive.