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Discover the Vulnerable Truth of Finding Yourself with Betsy Chasse

Discover the vulnerable truth of finding yourself with this lively and insightful conversation with Betsy Chasse. Her journey from filmmaker of the well known documentary What the Bleep do We know? to becoming a single mother of two is an emotional passage that she shares with grace and wisdom in her recently released ebook Metanoia- A transformational change of heart. Don’t miss this conversation where she faces the deepest and darkest aspects of coming to love herself- it will show you a familiar path to your own heart.


Betsy Chasse is a Filmmaker, Author, Radio host and Blogger. Best known as a co-creator of the hit film What The Bleep Do We Know?!  Currently as the co-owner of Intention Media she produces and distributes a range of socially meaningful documentaries including Pregnant In America. She recently released Metanoia-A Tranformational Change of Heart, a short e-book of essays written about the painful process of divorce. She is the radio personality behind her weekly radio show Life Unscripted.