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Discovering the Midline

“Some people think that meditation takes time away from physical accomplishments. Taken to extremes, of course, that’s true.  Most people however, find the meditation creates more time than it takes.”  -Peter McWilliams

If any single behavior has transformed my life over the last year of the positivity quest, it has been my increased devotion to meditation.  I have tried many different techniques, but the ones that seem to work best are those that connect me deeply into the experience of living in my body. Partly, this is because when you are fully in your body and you stop chasing your thoughts around, the present moment becomes available.

Today I interviewed  Sandra Wheeler, one of my meditation teachers on my radio show.  Her practice and teaching of the midline meditation technology has been a revelation in my life. Learning to settle into my body through my midline has been extraordinary.  Entering through the top of the head and feeling the midline of the body beginning in the brain and ending at the tailbone is deeper than relaxation.  It has taught me how to re-inhabit my center. It has given me an experience of stillness that I had not previously known. When you learn to get this quiet in your core, there is no other time than the present and the idea of being a receiver instead of a transmitter in the world has a felt experience.

One of the most profound lessons that this technique continues to show me is that it is actually our heart center, not our brain that is the most intelligent part of our beings. Our heart center is the first area of our bodies that develops and has a magnetic field that extends out for miles. Our deepest wisdom and intuition is the voice that comes through our heart, not our brains. I have learned how to listen to this place in me first. As I have learned to listen for what is working or not inside of me, the more my outer life has responded.

I never gave much thought to my nervous system before beginning this meditation practice.  Knowing when I need to calm my own nervous system also gives me the insight into how to respond to life events instead of reacting to them.   I have a new and deep respect for the wonder of living in a body and when I stay focused on experiencing the world through the core of my body, I am not only capable but often successful in creating a positive and loving world view.  Like all meditation techniques that aspire to bring us to a more peaceful place,  this technique achieves this through our first home and welcomes us back into an intimate space that is also universal. 

You can get a CD or download an mp3 of the experience now… Don’t miss it.