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Eco-sexuality with Tina Marie Bernard

Eco-sexuality is the future of a sustainable planet.  Listen to this animated and lively conversation with Tina Marie Bernard,
international blogger and writer.  Eco sex is concerned with everything from the ingredients in your intimacy products to
population growth.   Listen in as we dive deep into the controversial crossroads of eco-feminism and alternative love
relationships.  Adopting an eco-sexual perspective to our own erotic lives may just provide the ultimate healing we seek in
our lives and for our world.

Explore eco Sexuality with internationally known love writer and blogger, Tina Marie Bernard.   She is a top-rated writer of sex, love and relationships for Her musings are found in a variety of online and print media including,, and, among others.  Her studied and lively perspective on everything from tantra, erotica, feminism and the blessings of pleasure are sure to awaken a new understanding of intimacy and answer questions you might not even knew you had.  Tinamarie  is a great resource for everything that  Modern Lovers want to know about.  Read her work on Green prophet or the Examiner.