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Fundamentals of Ecosex: What’s Sustainable Sex Got to do With World Peace?

by Tinamarie Bernard

The emerging field of ecosexuality takes cues from many viewpoints and philosophies. There are the practical aspects, like using eco-friendly lubrication, or eating the right sort of foods. Equally important to the fundamentals of ecosexuality is the idea of consciousness; that every choice we make has an impact on the planet and ourselves. In order for humanity to birth itself to the next level of awareness, we must visualize a future that is compatible with the values of love and peace, sexual healing and freedom, and global planetary stewardship.

In his 2004 bestseller, Peace is the Way: Bring War and Violence to an End, (Harmony Books, New York) Deepak Chopra wrote:

“Nature is a living expression of consciousness. It adapts to our evolution as we adapt to it. That relationship, as with everything in the tangled hierarchy, is reciprocal and interdependent. The principle to keep in mind is that consciousness wants to evolve. Therefore, it is much easier to encourage healing that to align yourself with disease. Love and respect for the environment would create a reversal of the spiraling deterioration in the physical world. We need to trust that this is true, because in a very real sense the environment is sustained by human awareness.”

At the time he wrote his book, the ideas of sexecology, ecosexuality and sustainable sex had yet to be born. Many environmental activists today are just beginning to understand the importance of greening our intimate lives, both in and out of the bedroom, and some consider these ‘soft’ issues.

How can using an earth friendly vibrator, for example, save our communities from a trajectory towards global warming proportions? What difference can sacred earth-centered sexuality have on the looming population growth problem? Is sexing up sustainability going to make a difference to those communities living under repressive regimes or clean up polluted waters?

These are just a few of the many important questions that need to be addressed, but first we’ve got to consider where we want to put our focus. In Peace, Dr. Chopra makes a strong statement when he says it’s disturbing that so much thought is centered on “catastrophic earth changes such as earthquakes and the depleted ozone layer. This kind of prophetic negativity cannot attain a good end.”

We can apply this thinking to ecosexuality. Few activities are as pleasurable, as co-creative, as satisfying and energetically rich as making love. The health benefits are immeasurable- from improved immune function, reduced stress and even brain regeneration. Observational studies from some of our nearest primate relatives demonstrate that a more female-centered approach to sexuality actually suggests a more overall peaceful social milieu, and we know that sexual freedom (as opposed to promiscuity) is synonymous with healthier children and safer societies.

However you want to describe it, it’s all good – offers a way of relating intimately that is both in tune with the planet’s wellbeing and individual lovers. It puts our focus on the positive. It guides us towards endeavors that are more peaceful. Sexuality that is experienced in the context of freedom from shame, shackles, harm and judgment is good for the planet. Intimacy that doesn’t compromise personal safety or wellbeing or cause irreparable harm to our long-term fertility or sexual health is in tune with planetary wellbeing. We can make love this way. What’s more, green sex doesn’t compromise fun. What’s not to love about being eco-sexy?

Some have even suggested that the green movement in general won’t bring about world peace; only the green love movement stands the greatest chance of accomplishing that goal.

It is, quite simply, one of the many peace-centered ways to build a future intelligently. One that allows us to lead productive (in all meanings of that word) lives in harmony with common goals – in this case, including respect for self and others, mutual satisfaction without compromise, satisfaction and personal as well as planetary responsibility. If we can open to the ideas of harmonious relationships, practically, spiritually and emotionally, that do no harm and instead promote behaviors and values that contribute to an overall more balanced social structure, could we find ourselves reading another bestseller, Conscious Sex is the Way?

Environmentalism recognizes that nature knows no boundaries, and therefore we must work together at a grass roots level to address our mutual environmental needs.

Why should sexuality be any different?

Tinamarie is an occasional poet and writer for several acclaimed websites. You can find her at twitter and Facebook, or send her a private message at modernlovemuse @ yahoo dot com.