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Hi, I was wondering if you could please advise me if there is any safety concerns with anal masturbation. I have been getting more involved and trying different things, I find it very satisfying and much more exciting than vaginal or clitoral masturbation. I’ve had a lot of fun with vibrators, dildos, etc. but would like to experiment having an enema. Are they mainly for medical purposes or can they be a sexual stimulant? Also, I have a favorite little game I play when aroused. It involves filling a condom with sorbolene cream and tying a knot in the end forming a flexible soft dildo. Inserting this fully into a my well lubricated anus is just mind blowing. After a while, I insert my finger and penetrate the condom filling my rectum with the cream. Controlling the flow of cream out of the anus brings me to a most powerful orgasm known. Could you tell me if this is o.k. or should I take some safety precautions? Any advice would be great. 


Many men and women enjoy anal stimulation alone and/or with a partner, because it feels really good… when done correctly. However, with anal sex, there are important safety precautions to take. Since anal membranes are delicate, it is important you use lots and lots of lubricant. And, when inserting anything into your anus, make sure that the bottom is flared to avoid getting sucked into your body. Also, it’s important that anything that touches your anus not touch your vagina, or you could get a nasty infection.

As far as I know, there are no irritants or toxic chemicals in Sorbolene, so it should be O.K. And if you’re going to give yourself enemas, I recommend you use only warm water to avoid unnecessary irritation.