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Music is one thing that can connect humanity, regardless of our culture or where we come from. Famous poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote, “Music is the universal language of mankind.”
  • 6 min read
October is a month of fun fall festivities, but did you know it is also National Kink Month? Although many people see kinks as a taboo subject, they are fairly popular in adult sex life. In one survey, nearly 50% of respondents expressed interest in kink, even if they hadn’t had the chance to explore it. Also, about one out of five adults (20%) regularly engage in role-playing and/or bondage and spanking.
  • 5 min read
Sex toys are more popular than ever before. The sex toy industry is booming, with 60 million toys sold every year. In recent years, the variety and innovation in the sex toy industry have significantly increased. 
  • 7 min read
According to recent research American heterosexual sex lasts only 7.3 minutes on average. What is the rush, people? If we compare sex to dining, Americans are the sexual equivalent of a fast food joint- an In-N-Out, if you will. Sex, like food, is supposed to be savored. It should be a four course meal.
  • 4 min read
They say kissing is the building block of romantic intimacy, but many of us have never thought seriously about the basics of a good kiss. In part, this is because kissing – just like love – seems as if it should be more gut instinct and in-the-moment than something we practice with a checklist. But a better way to think about kissing is to compare it to a meaningful conversation. A kiss with your partner communicates in ways that words can’t. And we can always use more tips on how to communicate better!
  • 5 min read