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From Not Knowing

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”  ~Victor Frankl

Finding the courage to leave things alone and let them be what they are is a ready path to seeing things clearly.    Oftentimes it is all the doing and trying to get things to fit your picture of how it should be that prevents us from seeing that the resources we need are already here.

The most reliable method of getting out of our own way comes through a shift in perspective.  As we stop looking from out there and climb into the middle of how things are,  there is more  information that is  available.  All it takes is for you to stop listening to all the messages coming at you from out there. Standing in the middle of this now quiet space and not knowing instead of trying to constantly decipher the messages and figure it out is like finding yourself in an open field with a big sky.

Not knowing is a place that invites curiosity and cradles uncertainty. There is a sense of freedom in not knowing that lets you see things as they are. Sometimes in unexpected ways, things become workable just as they are.   Approaching the situation from the inside, letting things be what they are and giving in to not knowing is a place of abundance.

I am trying this approach to my CEO search because it seems the deeper I go, the less I know. It can be exhausting to have to know and figure it out on the spot.  For now, I am just diving into what it is and am willing to wait until something comes clear from not knowing.