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Getting to the Root of Pelvic Pain with Dr. Sonia Bahlani | S1:E11

S:1 E:11 | Aug. 13, 2020 | 41 min.

Pelvic pain specialist Dr. Sonia Bahlani helps patients through comprehensive, personalized treatment plans aimed at addressing the issue from all angles to improve their quality of life beyond what they thought possible. Wendy and Sonia talk about finding the root cause of pelvic pain to better manage symptoms and start healing. Key topics include the importance of routine hygiene as good preventative care and learning to speak out when something feels off.

Connect with Dr. Sonia Bahlani
Dr. Sonia Bahlani’s path to becoming a pelvic pain specialist was an unconventional one. After completing her OB/GYN residency, she saw how women were suffering from pelvic pain in silence or spending years searching for answers without finding relief. So, she listened to her gut and veered from the traditional course and pursued a fellowship in the department of urology, working with pioneers in the world of pelvic pain. Having trained in these two areas has given her a unique perspective.

Through her practice, Dr. Bahlani focuses solely on the medical and procedural treatment of pelvic pain. Her training has given her the ability to take a holistic view of common women’s health issues. She takes a compassionate, patient-centric approach and listens to her patients to gain a deep understanding of their challenges. This allows her to develop a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan aimed at addressing the issue from all angles to improve their quality of life beyond what they thought possible.

Instagram: @pelvicpaindoc
Facebook: @pelvicpaindoctor
LinkedIn: Dr. Sonia Bahlani


About Host Wendy Strgar
Wendy is an award-winning entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Good Clean Love, a pioneer in the organic personal care product industry. An active sex educator, Wendy is a popular blogger and author of two books. Sex That Works: An Intimate Guide To Awakening Your Erotic Life was published in June 2017 and is the companion to her first book, Love that Works: A Guide to Enduring Intimacy. Dear Sex is Wendy's new podcast adventure.

Instagram: @wendy.strgar
Twitter: @wendystrgar
LinkedIn: /wendystrgar


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