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Gratitude Power with Nina Lesowitz

“Gratitude is parent of all other virtues.” This ancient roman wisdom is even more true today; developing a daily practice of gratefulness is a proven method for improving your mental, emotional and physical health. Learning to be grateful for the goodness and love in your life is a multiplier. Listen to this encouraging and heartfelt conversation with author Nina Lesowitz, who co-authored Living Life as a Thank you and The Gratitude Power Workbook. Discover how the secret ingredient to a life that works begins with loving what you already have.


Nina Lesowitz is the author of four books including the bestselling Living Life as a Thank Youwhich inspired the recently released title, The Gratitude Power Workbook (Viva Editions, 2011) She is on the executive committee of Litquake, and also helps aspiring and established authors publish and promote their books worldwide.