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Gratitude to Our Followers

Good Clean Love would love to thank each and every one of its Facebook followers who every day bless us with their own blessings. Though it’s been a couple of weeks, don’t think that we haven’t been noticing some of the lovely things you’ve been listing as things you’re grateful for each day. While some might think that gratitude shouldn’t  be overused, these fans of ours have risen to the challenge of finding something every day to be thankful for. So, without further ado, here are some snippets from your wonderful lives that’ll take you into the next week feeling hopeful and grateful for all Life has to offer.

Black LotusButterfly says: “So grateful for all my children who continue to teach me about myself and about life. I couldn’t have gotten this far without them. Your children come thru u, don’t belong to you…that is Gods grace.”

Bobbi Joe: “I am grateful that my best friend’s son is alive and well in Afghanistan. Pray for our troops that they get home safe.”

Serena says: “As I wait for my Father to pass to the other side, I am grateful for the lessons I learned while he was here on earth, and for those that I will enjoy until it is my time to leave this plane…”

Melissa says: “My parents, for supporting me in everything I set out to do. For accepting that I am Deaf, that I’ve always been Deaf and with that, I am not broken. For the friends who have done the same and for the new people in my life who are helping me relearn a world I had forgotten about.”

and Maureen says: “I’m grateful for everything-the ups and downs and all of life-my parents, my husband, my kids and my cat and being able to be free and love God.”

Thank you for continuing to inspire us with your gratitude. Keep sharing with us!