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Healthy Relationships with Tara Parker-Pope

Using science and research to back her up, acclaimed writer Tara Parker-Pope dispels the popular mythology about the death of monogamy with For Better.   Called “the most credible and interesting marital self-help book of all time” by Newsweek, Tara has managed to provide a clear and comprehensive context that proves that saving and improving your marriage/relationship is more than worth the effort. Her collected data demonstrates that couples who cultivate healthy relationships have more sex, more money, better over all health and live longer.   Whether single or married, listen to this informative and inspiring conversation about the value of making love work.

Tara Parker-Pope, who writes the “Well” blog for The New York Times, is one of the newspaper’s most popular and most-emailed journalists. She wrote for The Wall Street Journal before moving to the Times. Her work is featured regularly on television and radio. She has appeared on Today, Good Morning America, CNN, Charlie Rose, and numerous National Public Radio shows. She became interested in marriage research and hoped that For Better would “arm readers with the information they need to save a struggling relationship or strengthen a good one” There is actually a science behind a good and lasting relationship and For Better offers the optimism and advice to care for our most significant relationships. Parker-Pope lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.