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Help make pregnancy safer for women everywhere with Every Mother Counts

christy turlington, every mother counts founder

During May, Good Clean Love is donating 10% of proceeds from web sales to Every Mother Counts. Founded by Christy Turlington, Every Mother Counts is a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safer for women everywhere by providing education and resources. More than 300,000 women die every year during pregnancy and childbirth. Every Mother Counts is working to change that, and we want to help them.

Every Mother Counts

In Tanzania, Every Mother Counts provides health centers in rural areas and trains health workers to prevent deaths and disabilities from childbirth complications like postpartum hemorrhage. In India, Every Mother Counts trains activists and lawyers to document maternal health rights violations and secure legal judgments demanding better healthcare for mothers. In Uganda, they provide transportation vouchers to pregnant women so they can get to clinics for prenatal care. This is just a tiny bit of what Every Mother Counts is doing around the world for mothers; read more here.

When you make a purchase online at Good Clean Love this month, you’ll be helping to support the wonderful work Every Mother Counts is doing. (Our Organic Coconut Pleasure Balm is only available online, so maybe that’s a good place to start?)

Why Cause Marketing?

Our mission at Good Clean Love is to increase the quality and quantity of healthy, lovingrelationships on the planet by providing natural sexual well-being products and essential educational resources. It’s an ambitious mission, and one we know we can’t accomplish alone. That’s why we give 10% of our web profits to a different organization each month.As often as we can, we support others who are working in tandem with our mission.

Every Mother Counts is doing vital work to assist women during the physically and emotionally difficult process of pregnancy, so that mothers everywhere can have safe, happy relationships with their babies. We are honored to be supporting this wonderful organization. We hope that you’ll join us.