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How to Create QualityTime

By Teagan Shepard

Do you find that, even though you spend a good bit of time with your partner, you just don’t feel that connected anymore? It’s highly likely that quantity doesn’t equal quality for you.

Every so often, and I recommend once a week, do something that both of you enjoy and can connect with. Not sure what to do anymore? Here are a few tips.

Take a hike. Seriously, get out of the house and go for a walk. Find a nature trail in the area, pack a picnic basket, put on some good walking shoes and head out. Either take a guided tour and learn something about nature or, if it’s doable, take a solo tour and enjoy the sun, sights, and each other’s company. If you know the area well, you might even find a good spot to watch the sun set and make out under the stars.

Go to the beach. Leave the phones in the car; you wouldn’t want to get them wet or sandy anyway! This may sound crazy, but take plenty of sand tools, buckets, etc. Make a sand version of your favorite fairy tale castle. It can be just like the Cinderella castle at Disney or it can be something completely made up. Have fun! I will not rule out the dumping of a large bucket of water on an unsuspecting partner. I will, however, rule out the dumping of a large bucket of sand. Here comes the sunset and making out under the stars idea again, just make sure that you don’t get sand in all the wrong places.

Catch a drive-in movie.I wish I could have done this with my hubby, but the last drive-in we had near us burned down. When Mom and I would go, we’d pack up a cooler of our favorites and a portable radio (you don’t want to run the car battery down!) and take in a movie. Cuddling with your partner is more fun than cuddling with your mom though. And hey, look at those stars!

Find a good spot to watch the sun set and make out under the stars. There are surely plenty of places you could park it and watch a sunset and do some stargazing: your back porch, your rooftop, the creek bank, the top of a building on your college campus… Just make sure to abide by any local laws so you don’t get in trouble.

The main thing about quality time is enjoying your time together rather than simply being in the same place at the same time. I know that today’s busy schedule make it incredibly difficult to even be in the same place at the same time, so it may be necessary to sit down and make plans for a time to get together and have some quality time. This may even mean taking one of those precious vacation days. Trust me, it’ll be time well spent.