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Increasing Emotional Resilience with Wendy Strgar

Join Wendy, as she shares the life changing skills that will increase your emotional resilience, capacity for healthy relationships and over all sense of well-being. By refocusing our lens on how humans thrive and flourish we discover the basis of the fast growing field of positive psychology. Learn how positivity can be cultivated and taught to enhance your relationships and your physical and emotional health. Explore the surprising range of thinking that enhances positive consciousness and gain simple tools to identify and replace negative thinking for yourself and your loved ones.  Don’t miss this solo talk by our own lovelogist, Wendy.


Wendy Strgar is and an award winning social entrepreneur. She is the author of Love that Works: A Guide to Enduring Intimacy and soon the to be released Life That Works: How Positivity Reinvents Us. She is the founder and CEO of Good Clean Love and her organic products are sold and endorsed by physicians nationwide.  She is a well known blogger  who writes on the topics of love, sexual health and positivity. Her writing is featured on such high-profile sites as, Huffington Post and Elephant Journal. Her work focusing on teaching the skills of sustainable love and positivity consciousness makes her a much sought after speaker at forward thinking events such as Bioneers and the Seattle Green Festival. In addition, she does positivity work with cancer survivors, returning soldiers and high school students. Her award winning blog is read by millions of people each year.