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Introducing Love Oil

Since I began writing a blog on Sustainable Love, I have deliberately kept my writing separate from my company work of producing all natural love products. People often ask me what came first, my loveology writing or my love products- Another chicken and egg story, they both inspired and invented each other. More and more in this small west coast city where I live, my teaching and my products are coming together. I decided in the early morning hours of a waking dream to start a series of stories of how love products have taught me about love. 


This is the first one, so I will start with the story of my very first love oil. I found this little blue bottle on a discount shelf of one of our local metaphysical stores. After four kids and many years of a variety of kitchen cooking oils, I was ready for something more. This oil worked wonders. Our sex life leaped out of its old routines and we were trying things that I could never imagine before. It dramatically changed my interest in oral sex. This was years before Good Clean Love, and had you asked me I couldn’t have said that the magic was in the bottle.

Not until it was all gone. Then the oil’s absence made itself very clear. I tried in vain to find more, and went through dozens of other impostor products, most of which just made me burn or itch. Finally one summer I became determined and after months, found the woman who made the oil. We met and she showed me a tiny kit of essential oils that she had been given years before. Thus started my quest and my current path into the alchemy of scent and love.

After studying the power of love oils, I can tell you this- our brain is wired to scent and love in an immediate and chemical way. Erotic scents can wake up the limbic center of the brain where arousal is often sleeping and turn the desire/arousal argument on its head. Even in circumstances of serious fatigue,scent has an extraordinary ability to help us remember our sexual selves. I found all that out in a small blue bottle years ago, and now I sell them. I tell people they change everything. I like it better when people tell me that, oh my god, it changed everything…

I will keep telling these stories…let me know what you think- or if you want to know more- ask.